As much as I enjoy solving programming related problems, I simply do not have time to help you with yours. I have a full life and taking time so solve your problems mean that I have less time pursuing the things which matters most to me.

This means that I am purposefully hard to reach and, other than having a LinkedIn profile, I do not have any social media presence.

The things I write about on this website comes with no guarantees, and I present it as-is. If you think it can help you, then that is awesome. However, it is up to you to make it work in your own projects.

For any type of programming questions, please ask on the support forums for the relevant technology or on StackOverflow. You should find people there who are far more willing and able to help you through whatever issue you are facing.

If however you would still like to get in contact with me about something else, please feel free to do so by completing the form below.