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New project: Geotoast

   3 minute read

Two books I have read at the end of 2016 which have shaped a lot of my current thinking are So Good They Can’t Ignore You and Deep Work, both by Cal Newport.

2016 in review and plans for 2017

   5 minute read

I was looking through my plans for 2016 and realised how much in my life has changed this past year. I see many people complaining that 2016 was such a horri...

Running a specific test with .NET Core and NUnit

   1 minute read

I converted the Unit tests for the Auth0.NET SDK to .NET Core. Currently the unit testing framework being used is NUnit, and NUnit 3 comes with a test runner...

Using Roles with the ASP.NET Core JWT middleware

   2 minute read

Here is a great find: The JWT middleware in ASP.NET Core knows how to interpret a “roles” claim inside your JWT payload, and will add the appropriate claims ...