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Running a specific test with .NET Core and NUnit

24 November 2016

I converted the Unit tests for the Auth0.NET SDK to .NET Core. Currently the unit testing framework being used is NUnit, and NUnit 3 comes with a test runner for .NET Core. You can make use of it by configuring your project.json as follows: {"version":"1.0.0-*","dependencies":{"NUnit":"3.5.0","dotnet-test-nunit":"3.4.0-beta-3"},"testRunner":"nunit","frameworks":{"netcoreapp1.0":{"imports":"portable-net45+win8","dependencies":{"Microsoft.NETCore.App":{"version":"1.0.0-*","type":"platform"}}}}} The configuration above is current as of the writing of this blog post. Please refer to the NUnit 3 Test Runner for .NET Core GitHub Page to obtain the must up to date informaton on how to configure it.