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Creating clocks for multiple time zones in Windows 10
26 October 2018

Demonstrates how you can create clocks for multiple time zones in Windows 10 so you can easily keep track of the current time in another part of the world.

Cleaning Visual Studio build output using the git clean command
22 October 2018

The "Clean Solution" command in Visual Studio does not clear all the build artifacts. Here's how you can use the Git clean command to remove all unwanted build artifacts

Updating your .NET project dependencies with Dependabot
12 September 2018

Dependabot is a service that will automatically create pull requests to update outdated dependencies in your .NET projects.

Deleting records in ASP.NET Core using AJAX with partial page refresh
11 September 2018

This follow-up from my previous blog post on the topic demonstrates how to refresh an entire section of a page when deleting a record with AJAX.

Some thoughts on remote work
04 September 2018

After working remotely for many years, I share some of my thoughts on it and why I am heading back to the office.

Deleting records in ASP.NET Core using AJAX
14 August 2018

You can delete records and update the user interface using Ajax, which gives a much better user experience that refreshing the entire page.

You might not need Angular
08 August 2018

Introduction post to a series of blog posts that demonstrate how you can use the jQuery Unobtrusive Ajax library to achieve interactivity on normal, server-rendered ASP.NET Core applications

Refresh a Google Access Token with Polly
24 July 2018

Google access tokens are short-lived, but you can configure a Polly policy to refresh the access token when expired.

Store a Dictionary as a JSON string using EF Core 2.1
21 July 2018

Demonstrates how you can store the contents of a Dictionary property as a JSON document in your database when using EF Core 2.1

GitHub Desktop Tips
13 July 2018

Tips and tricks to help you get the most out of GitHub Desktop

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