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Using Tailwind with Gatsby
12 July 2019

I continue the migration of my website from Hugo to Gatsby. In this blog post, I look at removing the styling that is included in the blog starter kit and add the Tailwind CSS library to my website.

Migrating blog posts from Hugo to Gatsby
09 July 2019

I continue the migration of my website from Hugo to Gatsby. In this blog post, I look at moving the markdown files with the blog posts as well as the images into the Gatsby website.

Sorting out the Gatsby folder structure for my blog
08 July 2019

In this blog post, I continue migrating my personal website to Gatsby. Specifically, I am looking at how to sort out the folder structure for my blog posts.

Getting started with the Gatsby blog starter kit
04 July 2019

One of the first steps in moving my personal website over to Gatsby is to bring across the blog content. In this blog post I expore Gatsby's blog starter kit and look at my options for bringing my blog content across.

Migrating my website from Hugo to Gatsby
01 July 2019

I have decided to migrate my personal website from Hugo to Gatsby and write a series of blog posts on the process. In this first blog post, I'll discuss the reasons for the change as well as my decision to go with Gatsby.

Use Polly fallback policies for default return values
28 June 2019

Fallback policies in Polly allow you to provide a substitute value in the event of a failure. This is useful in situations you don't want failure to throw an exception, but instead return a default value.

Use Conveyor to access your IIS Express app over the internet
26 June 2019

Conveyor is an extension for Visual Studio that allows you to access your local IIS Express app from the public web. This can be useful in situations where you want to test webhooks, for example.

Access your local ASP.NET Core web application from the public web
25 June 2019

ngrok is tunnelling software that allows you to expose your local web server to the outside world. This is ideal for scenarios like testing webhooks.

Automatic reconnects with SignalR 3.0
10 June 2019

SignalR 3.0 adds the ability to automatically attempt to reconnect clients with the connection to the server is dropped

How to restore a SQL Azure database locally
06 June 2019

This guide will show you how you can create a backup of a SQL Azure Database and restore it to a LocalDB database

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