October 26, 2018

Creating clocks for multiple time zones in Windows 10

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I currently work for a company which is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. I, along with the rest of the software development team is however located in Bangkok, Thailand. I have found myself a few times trying to figure out the time in the Sydney office, so a colleague showed me how you could set up multiple clocks in Windows 10.

Adding additional clocks

Right-click on the date/time display in the Windows taskbar, and select the Adjust date/time item from the context menu:

Adjust date/time context menu

Next, select the Add clocks for different time zones option:

Select the add clocks option

This will open the Date and Time dialog to the Additional Clocks tab. Enable the clock for the extra time zone you want to track and click the OK button when done.

Enable extra clock

This will not add the extra clock to the taskbar, but when you hover over the date/time display in the taskbar, you will see a tooltip containing the additional clocks you added:

Clocks displayed in the tooltip

Also, when you click on the date/time display in the taskbar to open the calendar flyout, you will see the additional clocks listed:

Clocks displayed in calendar flyout

Unfortunately, this does not allow you to add more than two additional clocks, but for someone who only wants to keep track of one or two extra time zones, this is a good solution.

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