Introducing Remote Map: An end-to-end Auth0 sample for .NET developers

Published: 22 May 2017

It seems I have not had much success with announcing my intentions to start a new project and blog about it. Before long something more interesting comes along and I am off in another direction and working on a new pet project.

Case in point: GeoToast

Well, seems I don’t learn as I am trying this again. This time however I have better motivation to get this done (I think). The project I am starting is called Remote Map and here is the use case:

Mapping Remote Team Members

At Auth0 we are a remote team with team member all over the world. Some of us actually use this opportunity to travel, and it is nice to meet up with colleagues on our travels, but it is hard to keep track of who is located where.

So recently in on of our Slack channels we mentioned that it would be nice if there was a map which indicated where everyone was. The idea being that if you head out on new travels you could quickly see whether another colleague is located where you’re heading so you can message them to meet up. Even better, what if you could record your future travel plans and perhaps you find that another colleague and your plans overlap so you can hang out.

My colleague Mauricio indicated he was interested in developing this (to learn Go or something…), but as I started thinking about this I realised this can actually make a nice sample application for .NET developers using our product.

We often hear that our Quickstarts are great but that it does not help developers understand how to use Auth0 across multiple applications or technologies. This is now becoming even more problematic as we have introduced API Authorization, as these applications always involve at least 2 sets of distinct applications (and technologies) - an API and a Client application.

It may even include multiple clients, for example there may be a Single Page Application, but also mobile applications for iOS and Android.

So this is the goal with Remote Map - to develop a sample application which will show developers how to use Auth0 in and end-to-end application covering multiple platforms. For now it will focus mostly on .NET technologies, but in time maybe it can expand to include others.

The idea is to put together an API using ASP.NET Core, a SPA using Angular, and then also UWP, iOS and Android clients using C# and Xamarin.

This is a nice exercise for me to build a full app using our technologies and understanding some of the pain people go through, while it is also hopefully serve as a reference for our customers to see how to implement Auth0 in a full application. And bonus points if we can start using the actual application at Auth0 to better enable us to meet up with our colleagues :)

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