Monthly Review: July 2015

Published: 01 August 2015


I started last month with doing monthly reviews. The idea is firstly to hold myself (publicly) accountable, and also to try and measure my own progress in building up my business.

Overall July was a fairly good month for me. I did not produce much in terms of deliverables, but I did gain more clarity on my plans for building a business going forward.

Strategy going forward

My work I did for a local company in Chiang Mai came to an end fairly abruptly. It is not too big of a deal for me, but this is primarly what triggered the rethink of my strategy going forward. It also means that there is nothing to keep me in Thailand any longer. I plan to see out the rest of the year in Thailand, and then start travelling again next year - for a digital nomad I have not done much “nomad-ing” for the past two years.

My main focus is to build up an income from building online courses and training materials. To that end I am focusing on two different areas:

  1. The first is a website called AspnetCasts ( This will be small, weekly videos on a specific subject related to ASP.NET. Right now the domain redirects to my YouTube channel and for the foreseeable future it will stay like that. Over time I may give it a dedicated website of its own.
  2. The second is a new website I am creating called Visual Studio Dojo ( The content on this website will be paid courses, although I am planning to put out a couple of free courses first to help build up the mailing list of potential customers for my future paid courses.

Besides the training courses and videos, I am also taking on some smaller contracting jobs to supplement my income / savings in the meantime.

Goals from last month

So let’s get into the review of my goals from last month. As I said at the time, it was not going to be a full month as I was still doing some travelling. Well, the travelling only lasted until the first week of the month, but then the work situation changed which made me take out some time to rethink a few things.

  • Release one new blog post a week. This one went well. I have a list of blog posts lined up and I am always one or two blog posts ahead, so I can keep putting them out consistently.
  • Start new newsletter for Windows Developers. Windows Developer Weekly is up and running and I sent out 4 newsletters during July.
  • Finish my first Windows 10 app. I cancelled this project, seeing as my work for Banana Coding came to an end.

Goals for August

For next month I will be carrying on with my exisiting projects namely sending out my 2 newsletters every week as well as publishing a blog post every week.

Over and above that I will focus on getting the following done:

  1. Create and publish a new video for the AspnetCasts YouTube channel
  2. Start with my first course for Visual Studio Dojo. Putting course material together is a new experience for me, so there is a bit of a learning curve involved with this.
  3. Start converting some of the OWIN OAuth providers to ASP.NET 5. A new repo has already been created by Kévin Chalet for this. Kévin also wrote the new generic OAuth provider for ASP.NET 5, which will hopefully make this process a bit easier. I do however foresee some issues with getting all the latest beta bits running on my machine as my initial attempts with this was not very successful. If it takes to much of my time to get it working on my computer I will abandon this, as I can spend my time on better things right now (and ASP.NET 5 is still a long way off in any case…)
  4. The last bit is to convert my blog over from Statamic to Jekyll and host it on GitHub pages. The main reason for this is that Statamic is having a major jump in price for their next version so I want to get off it. The reason I did not use Jekyll before was because I could not schedule blog posts ahead of time. Well, it seems I may have found a solution for that, which makes it a viable platform for me again.

I also have a couple of proposals for contract work which I sent out. If any of those come through it may change my priorities.

Books I read this month

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