October 19, 2017

New Adventures

Hey, before you start reading! I am in the market, looking for new freelance employment opportunities. If you need assistance on any of your ASP.NET Core projects, I am available for hire for freelance work.

It is time for new adventures.

Over the past months, I have started feeling what seemed at the time like an unhappiness with my work. After reflecting on this for a while, I have realised that there was nothing inherent about the work at Auth0 which made me unhappy.

It is a great company with great people, and the work is, for the most part, satisfying and challenging. Instead, I realised that I felt unhappy and frustrated because I am, in a sense, working on the wrong stuff.

I have so many ideas for projects that I want to work on, but between my job and other life commitments and just never get around to doing it.

I have made some starts on side-projects, and I always run out of energy over the long term to pursue that alongside everything else.

I decided the right thing to do was to give it a proper go and spend my time primarily on my own projects.

So I resigned.

I have however since come to an arrangement where I will still help Auth0 out on their .NET SDKs and Quickstarts for a limited number of hours every month

What sort of projects will I be working on?

Many things…

Every time I come across something that makes me think “that sucks, why isn’t there an app for that?”, I write it down on a list.

Sometimes I come across other things that make me think “wouldn’t it be cool if there was software that did this?“. I write that down on the same list.

So my “That sucks / Wouldn’t it be cool” list has grown quite long and is ever expanding.

Besides the apps, I think I also have a book (or two) I want to write.

I am going to try and tackle as many of these as I can over the coming year or so.

I have no grand schemes for building a multi-million dollar startup or anything like that. If one of these projects can turn into a sustainable business which supports me financially, that would be great.

For me, it is about experimentation and learning. Experiment with a new idea. Build it. Ship it. Learn from it. Then rinse and repeat.

And it is also about having fun again, by losing myself in projects which truly interests me.

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