New job at Auth0

Published: 26 January 2016

The new role

I have been doing freelancing work for the past 4 months for a couple of clients, one of which is a company called Auth0. They offer an identity platform which allows developers to easily add authentication (and other identity management) tasks to their applications.

The initial freelance work I did for them involved writing the C# SDK for their Authentication and Management APIs. Early in January they offered me a permanent position which I gladly accepted.

The new position involves writing SDKs, sample applications, quick starts and other documentation. This is the sort of work I enjoy doing as it allows me to cover a wide range of technologies.

What does this mean for this blog and my other plans for 2016?

So what does this mean for this blog (and my other plans for 2016)?

Well as far as the blog is concerned it will probably moved away from being focused on ASP.NET and I will start to cover a range of other technologies.

My initial focus at Auth0 is to work on the .NET related stuff, but over time I will move into other areas. This is good for me as it means I will start learning a whole lot of stuff in languages and frameworks that I did not previously do work in.

I also still plan to do more videos this year though I suspect these will be about some other cool things I come across, and not necessarily ASP.NET. I actually anticipated this change in focus last year already, and started rebranding my Youtube channel from AspnetCasts to just using my personal name.

As far as my travel plans are concerned, these are still in place. The position at Auth0 is a remote position, which means I can work from anywhere in the world. Right now I am in Orlando, and heading up to Seattle next week, for a week. After that I am off to Mexico for perhaps 3 months and then hopefully off to South America.

The only thing that’s really going to change is that I am reneging on my goal to do monthly reviews. These were planned because of the long-term goal of creating a business around my content and earning an income from it. With the new job this is not my focus anymore, and though I still plan on producing a lot of content I am not worried too much if things slip a little, and therefore I am not too worried about keeping myself accountable with this.

Hey, looking for a job?

BTW, Auth0 is hiring across the board in many roles. Have a look at the job openings on their website.

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