April 18, 2021

Starting Jetbrains Rider when it hangs on startup


Today, I ran into an issue where Jetbrains Rider did not want to start up. Somehow it got stuck on the splash screen (as per the screenshot below) and would not proceed past that.

Rider stuck on splash screen

Just before this, Rider prompted me to upgrade some of the plugins I use to the latest versions compatible with the 2021.1 version of Rider. My suspicion, therefore, obviously fell to one of those plugins, causing an issue. Unfortunately, there was no way to disable the plugins since the IDE would not load up, so I could not access the Plugins settings dialog.

Starting Rider with plugins disabled

Thankfully, Rider has a command-line argument you can pass to disable all manually installed plugins when Rider starts. To do this, you can pass the disableNonBundledPlugins argument when running the Rider executable.

Locating the Rider executable

If, like me, you are using Jetbrains Toolbox to manage the installation of the Rider, you may not know the install location of Rider. To determine the install location, open Jetbrains Toolbox and select the Settings for your Rider installation:

Open Rider settings in Jetbrains Toolbox

On the settings screen, you will find the install location listed under the Configuration section. You can click the handy “Show…” link to open the directory in Windows Explorer.

Locating the installation location for Rider

Passing the command-line argument

Now that you have the install location, you go to that directory in your command line and run the following command:

rider64.exe disableNonBundledPlugins

Disable any suspicious plugins

Rider will start up without loading any of the manually installed plugins, and you should be able to access the Plugins settings dialog. You will notice that all manually installed plugins are disabled. You can now proceed to manually disable any plugins you may suspect of causing problems by unchecking the checkbox next to those plugins. After that, you can start Rider up normally again.

Rider settings dialog with manually installed plugins disabled

In my case, it seemed that something went wrong during the upgrade of the plugins I mentioned earlier. I manually upgraded the plugins to the latest versions, and after that, Rider started up without any problems.


In this blog post, I demonstrated how you could start Rider with all manually installed plugins disabled when any plugin seems to cause issues on startup. I hope this helps to get you out of a tight spot.