Starting with monthly reviews

Published: 01 July 2015


In the beginning of the year I wrote a post about my plans for the year. My 3 main goals were the following:

  1. Start with ASP.NET Weekly newsletter
  2. Start ASP.NET Casts website
  3. Complete the OAuth for ASP.NET Website

I pretty much achieved all three of those a few months ago and since then I have been slacking. For the ASP.NET Casts website especially I have wanted to produce far more videos by now, but I have been putting it off and find all sorts of excuses for not doing it.

It is however important to me to do it, as I see my future income coming from producing training videos and courses, so this is a skill I need to become more comfortable with.

I have also been part of a Mastermind group up until about 2 months ago, and that kept me on track but it has since been abandoned so that is partly why I have been slacking - lack of accountability. The other reason is laziness ;)

So in an effort to have more accountability I am going to start with monthly review where I will review my progress the previous month, as well as state my goals for the following month. I am hoping by discussing these things in the open and having public accountability I can become better at achieving my goals.

Since this is my first monthly review, there is not much to review in terms of progress from the previous month, so I will only focus on my goals for the next month.

Goals for July

First off I need to state that I am still doing a lot of travelling this month, so that will have an impact on the amount of work I can get done. I am currently in Vietnam for one more week, after which I will go to Laos for about 2 weeks and finally return back “home” to Chiang Mai in Thailand probably around the 20th of July.

Even though I stated I want to do more videos, this is pretty much an impossibility while I am still travelling.

So my goals for July are the following:

  • Release one new blog post a week. I have been slacking with blog posts of late and I need to get back into a rhythm of producing a new blog post every week. So my goal is to publish a new blog post every Tuesday this month. I have a long list of ideas logged in Trello, so I have more than enough ideas of what to write about.

  • Start new newsletter for Windows Developers. The ASP.NET Weekly newsletter have been doing very well. Subscriber numbers are close to 2,000 and I have sent it out consistently every week. I am adding a new newsletter to the mix called Windows Developer Weekly. It will also be a curated newsletter with some of the best articles and blog posts for Windows developers. If you are developing for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Phone or doing WPF development then this is for you so go and sign up for it please.

  • Finish my first Windows 10 app. The company that I do work for in Thailand (Banana Coding) has produced several earthquake related applications for iOS (Europe Alert, Japan Alert and iEarthquakes. I want to learn Windows 10 so I will develop a Windows 10 earthquake app using the same backend as these applications.

Let’s catch up again at the beginning of August and see how this month went. I think these are all achievable even with the travelling and the other, income generating work I have to do.

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