February 16, 2017

Vue.js Learning Resources

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Vue does not get nearly the amount of attention that Angular or React does, but it still has a flourishing community and plentiful resources are available for learning Vue. It has also had amazing growth in 2016.

In this blog post I will take a look at some of the resources I have found so fair for aiding me in learning Vue.

I will be updating this blog post as I come across new resources of note.

The Official Website

The official Vue.js website is outstanding, and if that was the only resource available to you, you would probably be fine.

The Guide

The Vue.js Guide will walk you through all the concepts related to Vue. It starts with installing Vue and then goes on to a basic introduction and covering all of the core concepts such as the Vue Instance, the Template Syntax, Components, etc.

It also covers a wide range of advanced concepts such as transitions, mixins, plugins, etc.

API Documentation

The Vue API documentation looks to be very complete and contains information on all the Vue API, directives and built-in components.

By itself probably not a good resource to get started, but once you get going it is a good place to get more information on how to use various aspects of the API.


The Examples section of the website contains various embedded JSFiddles that demonstrates various aspects of Vue. It seems like a good place to learn about some of the aspects in isolation.

Videos and Courses

There is a wide range of free videos available on YouTube. Two that stand out is:

If you’re an Egghead fan (like me), they have a short video course available called Develop Web Apps with Vue.js.

You can also look at the Vue section of their website for more videos. I have also noticed that there are 2 upcoming courses called Build a Vue.js app with Vuex and Build a Server Rendered Vue.js App with Nuxt and Vuex.

The last one I want to mention - and the route I went - is a Udemy course called Vue JS 2 - The Complete Guide (incl. Vuex). It is a paid course (I got it at a discount for $15).

I decided on going with this as I liked the style of the instructor (from what I have seen on the preview videos). I also liked the project based approach he is taking to the course.

Other resources

There are many other resource available for learning Vue. One I would highly recommend you bookmark (or star) is Awesome Vue.

This contains a rich set of resources related to Vue. From official documentation, podcasts, examples and tutorials to get you started, to list of libraries, editors and other resources to smooth your development.


This is by no means an exhaustive list of Vue resources (for that see Awesome Vue), but it is good enough to get you going.

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