Outsourced .NET SDK Service


Does your company develop software and APIs primarily targeted at developers? Are these APIs being used by .NET developers to integrate your service into their applications?

Creating a great developer experience and allowing developers to integrate your service into their applications easily is crucial for rapid adoption. It is essential to have a proper suite of .NET SDKs, documentation and code samples to aid in this adoption. It will not only make the developer experience better but can give you a distinct advantage over your competition in the eyes of these developers.

Does your company lack the in-house .NET skills to develop these SDKs?

I can help

The service

I offer an outsourced .NET SDK service that can assist you with creating, publishing and supporting .NET SDKs without requiring you to bring a full-time .NET developer on board.

This service covers the following:

  • Developing, maintaining and publishing .NET SDKs for your application’s APIs
  • Creating and publishing documentation and READMEs for these SDKs
  • Developing code samples and quickstarts to assist developers in integrating your APIs into their applications more easily
  • Develop a full suite of unit and integration tests and setting up Continuous Integration (CI) to run these for all pull requests and releases
  • Configuring Continuous Delivery (CD) to handle deployment to NuGet and MyGet
  • Maintain release notes to document changes between versions. Supply migration guides when introducing breaking changes
  • Triage and respond to GitHub issues and pull requests, as well as configuring GitHub issue and pull requests templates
  • Working with your support team to ensure that they have the correct knowledge to support developers using the .NET SDKs
  • Working with your development team to ensure that the .NET SDKs support new features added to your APIs in a timely manner


You can find examples of the open source tools I maintain on my Tools page.

Here are some examples of SDKs and sample applications I have been responsible:

Here are some examples of documentation and tutorial I have created:

My experience

I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. In this time I have used many 3rd party libraries and SDKs, and so I have a good understanding of what makes for a great developer experience.

Most of the past five years have been spent creating and maintaining both open source .NET libraries, as well as maintaining .NET SDKs for commercial clients.

I have more than six years of experience in creating documentation and tutorials. This includes documentation and tutorials for open source and commercial SDKs, tutorials for this website, as well as the many blog posts you will find on this website.

Get in contact

Please feel free to get in contact with me to discuss your requirements in more detail by sending an email to jerrie@jerriepelser.com.