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Creating a Serverless Application with ASP.NET Core, AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway

07 May 2017

In my previous blog post I gave an overview of how you can create a serverless application using .NET Core and AWS Lambda. In this blog post I will show a similar - yet quite different - programming model. Instead of using just plain .NET Core, I’ll be using ASP.NET Core with AWS Lambda. A quick reminder from my introductory blog post in this series may be in order.

Creating a Serverless Application with .NET Core, AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway

11 April 2017

Previously I gave an overview of the programming models when using NET Core with AWS Lambda, and I also showed how to create an image compressor in Lambda and C#. This time around we’ll put together a simple Web API with a couple of endpoints which can be called from any client application. The API I’ll create will utilize NodaTime library created by Jon Skeet to return a list of time zones based on the Time Zone database.

Getting started with .NET Core and AWS Lambda

22 March 2017

This blog post will provide you with a brief introduction to using C# and .NET Core with AWS Lambda and also look at the different programming models available when using .NET Core with Lambda. The reason why I started looking into this was because I wanted a dead simple hosting solution for GeoToast. And yeah, it has been a while since I have written about GeoToast. I spent a month in Japan, and sightseeing was higher on my list of priorities than coding…