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Dependency injection with Autofac and Azure WebJobs

25 August 2015

Introduction At the end of last year I wrote a blog post that demonstrated how you could use Autofac and the Common Service Locator in Azure WebJobs to resolve dependencies. At that time there was no way to inject dependencies, as Azure WebJobs functions had to be static methods and therefore there was no object instance into which dependencies could be injected. The Service Locator pattern worked fine for that scenario, but it was not necessarily an ideal situation.

Communicate from an Azure WebJob to your website with SignalR

14 July 2015

Introduction Azure WebJobs are great for offloading long running tasks from you website, but sometimes you find that you may want to communicate the progress of those tasks back to the user. In this blog post I will demonstrate how you can communicate progress from an Azure WebJob back to the browser using SignalR. It is important to understand that the SignalR connection is made between the web server running the ASP.

Using Autofac and Common Service Locator with Azure WebJobs

02 December 2014

I am busy developing an application which makes heavy use of Azure WebJobs. One of the things which I noticed right away was that there does not seem to be any built-in support in the Azure WebJobs SDK for dependency injection. I set about trying to find out how I can still use dependency injection, but it seems to be impossible with the current design and extensibility points in the SDK.