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Please update RSS feed subscription to this blog

03 August 2015

Hey, just a quick note that I will be switching this blog over to Jekyll sometime in the coming weeks. Unfortunately Jekyll does not seem to support the current feed format for this blog which is /feed, and instead requires a .xml extension in the URL. So the URL for the feed when I switch over to Jekyll will be /feed.xml. I have updated the URL for the feed on the current blog to also be /feed.

The killing of a Rockstar (and my other plans for 2015)

05 January 2015

If you’re reading this blog post, and you have have been following my blog before you may notice that the name of the blog and the URL has changed from the previous name of “Be a Big Rockstar”. I don’t want to get into too much of a long-winded explanation about this but just a short bit of background on the decision is in order. Contrary to what one may think the Rockstar part of “Be a big Rockstar” initially had nothing to do with being a rockstar programmer.