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2 Approaches when rendering a list using the Bootstrap grid system

12 May 2015

Introduction Rendering a list of items in ASP.NET MVC inside a grid (HTML Table) is straight forward and easy. You simply but everything inside an HTML Table tag and generate table rows for each item in the list you want to render. But what to do when you want to render it as a list of rows and columns? Well, Bootstrap has a grid system which allows you to layout items as rows and columns.

The ASP.NET Developer's guide to Bootstrap

24 March 2015

Introduction Twitter Bootstrap is one of the most widely used CSS frameworks at the moment and there is a massive supporting ecosystem in themes, components, tutorials and the likes. Since Visual Studio 2013, the standard ASP.NET project template has also been based on Twitter Bootstrap. Now, along with the popularity of Bootstrap there has also been the inevitable backlash from people complaining that also website now look the same. The framework itself has also grown quite large over time and inevitably contains a lot of excess CSS classes which you do not use in your applications.