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Using custom converters in JSON.NET: Array or Object?

06 March 2016

The problem During the development of the Auth0 .NET SDK, I ran into an issue with one of our Management API calls where it could return a different JSON structure based on parameters passed in by the user. The offending API call in question was the Users endpoint where you could pass in a parameter called include_totals which will return the list of users, along with the total number of records and some other paging information.

Using JsonExtensionData with JSON.NET

07 February 2016

Background One of the ussues we faced when developing the .NET SDK for Auth0 was that user profiles can have different properties based on the origin of the user profile. There are a set of standard properties for a user profile, but over and above that many of the providers can “enhance” the user profile with extra properties. Here is an example of a user profile for a database user: