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Introduction to the Open Graph Protocol

22 July 2013

Background Web pages have been designed for humans to read and consume. There has however been a need for probably as long as the World Wide Web has existed to be able to understand the content of a web page and for computers to be able to ascertain the meaning of the content (or data) contained inside an HTML document. Along the way there has been various efforts to bring more structure to the actual data contained in web pages.

App Certification Chronicles: Facebook Accounts and the In-App Purchase

08 July 2013

Submitting to the Windows Store I recently went through the process of submitting my application, One Love, to the Windows Store. I read through the certification requirements and ran my app through the Certification Kit, so I was pretty sure that there wouldn’t be any problems. Low and behold, my application was rejected. The testers referred me specifically to section 1.2 of the requirements, relating to test accounts. One Love is an application which allows you to update your status on all your social media accounts at the same time.

Breaking up with Facebook when you're an App developer

03 July 2013

I have recently decided to break up with Facebook - which is pretty strange considering that I am developing software which integrates with Facebook. So why get rid of it? Because to me it adds very little value to my life. For the most part it steals my time and it is to easy to go there and procrastinate while you really could be doing something productive. It is obviously an issue of self control which is lacking, so rather than trying to struggle with the self control, I decided to get rid of Facebook for once and for all.