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How to exclude files from Git only on your computer

07 September 2017

At Auth0 we develop a lot of sample applications to show developers how to use our various features inside their applications. These applications invariably require some sort of configuration which is read from a file. For our Angular Quickstarts for example, there is a file called auth0-variables.ts.example which contains an example of the settings required for the application to run. When a user downloads or forks this example to run it locally, they need to simply rename that file to auth0-variables.

Assign execute permissions with Git

24 January 2016

Recently I had to configure a build on Jenkins for the work I am doing at Auth0 and ran into an issue with a shell script that did not want to execute and failed with a “Permission Denied” error. Being new to the Linux world I reached out to a colleague and it turned out the solution was an easy one. It is new for me, so I am sharing it so it can maybe help you in the future.

Move Git repository from Github to TFS

02 February 2013

Microsoft recently made Git source control available as an alternative source control provider on Team Foundation Service. I decided to move my existing private repositories from Github to TFS. This video describes the process.