Blog Posts for: Jwt

Manually supplying certificate when validating RS256 signed JWT with OWIN
05 March 2018

Shows how you can validate RS256 signed tokens in the OWIN JWT middleware using an offline certificate.

Creating Authorization Policies dynamically with ASP.NET Core
20 November 2017

A great tip I picked up from an NDC Oslo presentation which shows how you can dynamically create authorization policies for the ASP.NET Core authorization middleware.

Accessing the OIDC tokens in ASP.NET Core 2.0
01 August 2017

The ASP.NET Core OIDC middleware allow you to save the ID Token and Access Token, so you can access these in your application.

Access the JWT bearer token when using the JWT middleware in ASP.NET Core
26 May 2017

When using the ASP.NET Core JWT authentication handler, there are instances in which you may want to access the actual bearer token which was passed to the request.

Manually validating a JWT using .NET
10 April 2017

Shows how you can manually validate a JSON Web Token using .NET

Using Roles with the ASP.NET Core JWT middleware
12 July 2016

The JSON Web Token middleware in ASP.NET Core knows how to interpret roles inside your JWT.