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Remote Client Side Validation with FluentValidation

13 July 2014

My go-to library for model validation in .NET is Fluent Validation, and I have written a number of posts about it before. On the current project I am working we needed to do database validation which I described how to do in this blog post. This time however I needed to go one step further and not only do the database validation on the server side, but also on the client side.

Using Fluent Validation with ASP.NET MVC - Part 1: The Basics

06 May 2013

One of the most popular ways to do model validation in the ASP.NET MVC Framework is surely to use the built-in model validation features using data annotations. This will probably work fine in most instances, but I prefer using the Fluent Validation library in my own projects mainly because of how easy it is to unit test validation rules, as well as the fact that I can split the validation rules completely from the underlying model.