Blog Posts for: Netlify

Generate "pretty" URLs for DocFX websites with Netlify
22 March 2018

By default, DocFX generated websites contain the .html file extension in the URL. You can use Netlify's asset optimization features to clean these URLs up.

Using ShareX for blogging or documentation screenshots
25 January 2018

A walthrough of my ShareX configuration for creating screenshots for blog posts and other forms of documentation.

Building future dated previews with Hugo and Netlify
06 December 2017

You can use the netlify.toml file in your repository to override Netlify build settings, allowing you to generate future posts for certain branches.

Why I like Netlify
05 December 2017

I have switched my blog over to Hugo hosted on Netlify. Here are some great Netlify features I think you will like.

Scheduling Hugo posts on Netlify
23 October 2017

A look at a couple of approaches you can use to schedule future posts using Netlify and Hugo.