Blog Posts for: Nuget

Updating your .NET project dependencies with Dependabot
12 September 2018

Dependabot is a service that will automatically create pull requests to update outdated dependencies in your .NET projects.

Using version ranges for package dependencies in .NET project files
25 May 2018

When adding package references in your projects files, you are not limited to specifying a specific version. You can specify a version range instead.

My favourite Nuget packages for .NET development
08 December 2014

A list of all my favourite Nuget packages which I seem to use over and over again

Cleanup Code in Resharper not available
27 March 2014

Sometimes you may find that the Resharper Code Cleanup option is not available. This discusses the likely cause and how to work around it.

Introducing the Yahoo and LinkedIn OAuth security providers for OWIN
26 November 2013

Introduces you to the Yahoo and LinkedIn OAuth providers for ASP.NET MVC (using OWIN) and shows you how to use them in your own application.