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Extracting Open Graph Protocol Data

05 August 2013

In my previous blog post I gave an overview of the Open Graph Protocol and gave a few examples of how it is being used in web pages. My exploration of the Open Graph protocol started off when I wanted to add the ability for users to easily share links using One Love, the application which I am developing. Downloading and extracting the Open Graph Data In this section we will be developing a very basic WPF application which downloads a web page using HttpClient, extracts the Open Graph data from the HTML and display it to the user.

Introduction to the Open Graph Protocol

22 July 2013

Background Web pages have been designed for humans to read and consume. There has however been a need for probably as long as the World Wide Web has existed to be able to understand the content of a web page and for computers to be able to ascertain the meaning of the content (or data) contained inside an HTML document. Along the way there has been various efforts to bring more structure to the actual data contained in web pages.