Blog Posts for: Signalr

Automatic reconnects with SignalR 3.0
10 June 2019

SignalR 3.0 adds the ability to automatically attempt to reconnect clients with the connection to the server is dropped

Communicate the status of a background job with SignalR
28 June 2018

Demonstrates how you can use Coravel to schedule background jobs and then report on the status of a job with SignalR

Communicate from an Azure WebJob to your website with SignalR
14 July 2015

Demonstrates how you can use SignalR to communicate the progress of background tasks from a Azure WebJob to your ASP.NET website.

Popup OAuth authentication with ASP.NET and SignalR
30 June 2015

Shows how you can authenticate a user with an OAuth provider using a popup dialog. Also uses SignalR for callbacks to automatically refresh the page after authentication.