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Communicate from an Azure WebJob to your website with SignalR

14 July 2015

Introduction Azure WebJobs are great for offloading long running tasks from you website, but sometimes you find that you may want to communicate the progress of those tasks back to the user. In this blog post I will demonstrate how you can communicate progress from an Azure WebJob back to the browser using SignalR. It is important to understand that the SignalR connection is made between the web server running the ASP.

Popup OAuth authentication with ASP.NET and SignalR

30 June 2015

Introduction One of the SaaS tools which I like to use for all sorts of small app-to-app integrations is Zapier. If you have ever used Zapier before you may have noticed that authenticating with one of the many applications with which it integrates does not actually navigate away from the current page that you are on, but instead uses a simple HTML popup dialog to authenticate the user. For a recent project I was involved in I had to do something similar, so I have extracted the techniques into a demo application and I am writing this blog post to show how easy it is to do something like this.