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TWiG #4: A week of learning and messing around

19 February 2017

This week I yet again made little progress on GeoToast. I started watching a Vue.js course on Udemy called Vue JS 2 - The Complete Guide (incl. Vuex). Made some progress on that, but I also spent a lot of my free time goofing off. Watching Netflix, surfing the web, etc… So this coming week I need to focus on making major progress on the front-end of GeoToast. I will put aside watching the Vue.

TWiG #3: A week of travel

12 February 2017

This week I have made little progress on GeoToast as I have traveled to Tokyo (where I will stay for the next month), and have also done a bit of sightseeing. I am settled in, so this coming week should see progress again. My plans for the coming week is to be able to serve the HTML/CSS/JS of a toast from my API, and then be able to inject it into the DOM of a web page.

TWiG #2: Frustrations with .NET Core tooling and VS Code

05 February 2017

Things I learned Rename Refactor in VS Code In last week’s update I alluded to the fact that I miss many of the refactorings which is offered by Visual Studio and Resharper. One good find this week is that VS Code at least has Rename Symbol functionality. As explained by the VS Code Documentation: Some languages support rename symbol across files. Simply press F2 and then type the new desired name and press Enter.

TWiG #1: JWTs, AutoMapper, FluentValidation, CreatedAtActionResult and pain with VS Code

29 January 2017

Welcome to This Week in GeoToast (TWiG) #1. To keep myself honest with working on GeoToast, I thought it would be good to write a weekly progress of my work on the project, as well as the good and the frustrating things which I experienced this week. The Good JWT integration is super easy To secure the API for GeoToast, I am using JSON Web Tokens (abbreviated as JWT and pronounced as “jot”).