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Using Tailwind with Vue

13 December 2017

Tailwind is a CSS framework which allows you rapidly build custom user interfaces. As opposed to frameworks like Bootstrap, Bulma and Foundation, it is not a UI Kit. It has no theme or components, but instead allow you to construct your own components by combining a bunch of CSS utilities. So for example, instead of supplying you with a Card component, you can build your own Card by applying the Tailwind CSS styles to a combination of HTML elements.

TIL: The @ symbol in JavaScript import statement

11 December 2017

Today I Learned (TIL): About the usage of the @ symbol in the JavaScript import statement. I am busy working on a new project and I am using Vue to develop the front-end. I used the Vue Webpack template to bootstrap the project, and I have noticed the usage of the @ symbol in the import statement in various places. For example, here is the imports from my router/index.js file:

Vue.js Learning Resources

16 February 2017

For the client side development of Geotoast, I have decided to go for Vue.js rather than Angular or React. I have no specific rationale for it other than that from everything I have seen about Vue so far it just seems to make more sense to me than both Angular or React. Vue does not get nearly the amount of attention that Angular or React does, but it still has a flourishing community and plentiful resources are available for learning Vue.