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I am a blogger, freelance software developer and maintainer of open source software.

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My latest blog posts

Use Conveyor to access your IIS Express app over the internet
26 June 2019

Conveyor is an extension for Visual Studio that allows you to access your local IIS Express app from the public web. This can be useful in situations where you want to test webhooks, for example.

Access your local ASP.NET Core web application from the public web
25 June 2019

ngrok is tunnelling software that allows you to expose your local web server to the outside world. This is ideal for scenarios like testing webhooks.

Automatic reconnects with SignalR 3.0
10 June 2019

SignalR 3.0 adds the ability to automatically attempt to reconnect clients with the connection to the server is dropped

How to restore a SQL Azure database locally
06 June 2019

This guide will show you how you can create a backup of a SQL Azure Database and restore it to a LocalDB database

Determine available runtimes on Azure App Service
12 April 2019

Demonstrates how to determine the available .NET Core and Node runtimes on Azure App Service

ModelState interfering with Model Binding in ASP.NET Core
18 March 2019

Describes an issue I ran into where ASP.NET Core apparently was not binding to my model correctly which turned out to be a case of ModelState interfering.

Securing Vue routes when using Auth0 and odic-client.js
20 November 2018

Demonstrates how to secure routes in Vue with navigation guards when authentication users with Auth0 and oidc-client.js

Using Auth0 with Vue and oidc-client.js
14 November 2018

Shows how you can make use of the oidc-client JavaScript library to enable users to log in to your Vue application with Auth0.

Creating clocks for multiple time zones in Windows 10
26 October 2018

Demonstrates how you can create clocks for multiple time zones in Windows 10 so you can easily keep track of the current time in another part of the world.

Cleaning Visual Studio build output using the git clean command
22 October 2018

The "Clean Solution" command in Visual Studio does not clear all the build artifacts. Here's how you can use the Git clean command to remove all unwanted build artifacts

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