Hire Me

My Background

I have been using C# and .NET since the first beta versions came out in 2000, and my current focus is mostly around ASP.NET Core.

I am responsible for maintaining all the .NET related SDKs and sample applications for Auth0, so I am very familiar with implementing authentication and authorization in ASP.NET and other .NET applications.

I blog on this website about .NET related topics and also curate ASP.NET Weekly, which is a weekly digest of all the best ASP.NET related news and blog posts.

My Skills

The following are some of my primary technologies I am familiar with:

  • ASP.NET Core (MVC, Razor Pages and APIs)
  • Auth0
  • OpenID Connect
  • JSON Web Tokens
  • HTML, JavaScript and CSS
  • Serverless (AWS Lambda and Azure Functions)


My hourly rate for work is US$ 100 per hour (negotiable for longer term projects).

Work I am interested in

I am looking for short term projects (up to about 6 months in length) where I can work remotely. I have commitments in terms of work I do for the larger developer community and other clients, so I am only available on a part time basis.

I would be an ideal fit if you are looking for a part-time developer to carry forward a smaller part of a larger project, or a smaller isolated project like a Proof of Concept.

Get in contact

If you want to get in contact with me to enquire about hiring me, please click the Contact Me button below to open the contact form.