Hire Me

Do you need an extra helping hand for your project for a short period?

Perhaps you need someone to implement a small proof-of-concept or a code spike, but your development team is tied up?

I can help

I am available to assist you on short-term projects which typically fall outside the scope or expertise of your regular development team.

Examples of these include the following:

  • Help set success criteria and develop a proof-of-concept for new technologies you want to implement
  • Assist with implementing modern authentication and authorization flows using protocols such as OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect and JSON Web Tokens
  • Upgrade existing projects from earlier versions of ASP.NET Core to the latest long-term support (LTS) releases
  • Give guidance and assistance on migrating from ASP.NET MVC and .NET Framework to ASP.NET Core

All deliverables are well-documented, and I perform a proper hand-over to ensure knowledge transfer of the work I have done to your regular development team.

If you are a SAAS company who need assistance with developing, documenting and supporting .NET SDKs for your application and APIs, I also offer an outsourced .NET SDK service.

If you want to inquire about hiring me, please send an email to jerrie@jerriepelser.com to start the conversation.