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Authenticate with OAuth 2.0 in ASP.NET Core 2.0
04 January 2018

An introduction to the generic OAuth 2.0 authentication handler in ASP.NET Core 2.0 which allow you to authenticate users using any OAuth 2.0 provider.

Forcing user to sign in with their Google Organization (G Suite) account
12 September 2017

Demonstrates how you can configure the Google authentication handler to only allow users from a certain domain to sign in to your application.

Managing Cookie Lifetime with ASP.NET Core OAuth 2.0 providers
05 December 2016

Demonstrates how you can manage the lifetime of the authentication cookie when using the ASP.NET Core OAuth 2.0 authentication providers

Creating a lightweight API wrapper with Refit
22 September 2015

I demonstrate how you can create your own very lightweight API wrapper when you don't want to use a large external library to access with external APIs, or when no official wrappers exists for an API.

Calling contributors for OAuth providers for ASP.NET 5
08 September 2015

A call for contributors to help with the new OAuth providers for ASP.NET 5

Popup OAuth authentication with ASP.NET and SignalR
30 June 2015

Shows how you can authenticate a user with an OAuth provider using a popup dialog. Also uses SignalR for callbacks to automatically refresh the page after authentication.

Using the ASP.NET OAuth providers without ASP.NET Identity
27 April 2015

The ASP.NET OAuth providers do not have to be used in conjunction with ASP.NET Identity. I show you how you can use them on their own.

Advanced configuration in the ASP.NET 5 Generic OAuth Provider
21 April 2015

I cover a couple of more advanced configuration scenarios in the ASP.NET 5 generic OAuth authentication provider, such as Scopes and retrieving user information.

An introduction to the ASP.NET 5 Generic OAuth Provider
14 April 2015

An introduction to the new generic OAuth authentication provider which is part of ASP.NET 5

OWIN OAuth provider for GitHub
27 November 2013

Introduces you to the GitHub OAuth provider for ASP.NET MVC (using OWIN) and shows you how to use it in your own projects.

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